Data Science and Machine Learning: Discovery Tools for Any Domain – Jeremy Howard

04 Oct Data Science and Machine Learning: Discovery Tools for Any Domain – Jeremy Howard

Who is Jeremy Howard?

CEO of Enlitic; Faculty at Singularity University; World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2013; Data Strategist at Khosla Ventures; Past president of Kaggle; Previously Distinguished Research Scientist at USF; Founder of FastMail.FM and Optimal Decisions; ex-management consultant, now nearly fully recovered; failed philosophy student.

Specialties: Internet, data analytics, executive education, startups, scientific programming, media relations, email, web development, data mining, optimisation, financial services, business strategy

Jeremy is the former president and chief scientist at Kaggle, a consulting platform that hosts competitions in which scientists from many disciplines use predictive modeling to solve problems that require analyzing large amounts of data. A self-taught data analyst, Howard began competing in Kaggle contests because he enjoyed the intellectual challenge, earning the top spot on Kaggle’s overall competitor rankings of 20,000 data scientists before assuming his leadership role.
Howard studied philosophy and worked as a management consultant before developing a passion for applying algorithms to data. Today he competes regularly in data mining competitions, which he uses to test himself and stay on the leading edge of machine learning and predictive modeling technology.
Before joining Kaggle he founded and sold two successful companies. His first commercial effort using algorithms was an insurance pricing company that became the Optimal Decisions Group. He then created FastMail, an independent-hosted email company in Australia that had over a million users before being sold.

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