We respond to the civil war with a hackathon. The First Social Hackathon in South America

25 Aug We respond to the civil war with a hackathon. The First Social Hackathon in South America

South America, Here we come!

Save the date: 5-7 September, Bogotá, Colombia.

We are super excited to host the first social hackathon in South America because we have a specific mission: we want to leverage the potential and talent of already existing entrepreneurs and young professionals by  guiding them to use their experience and skills to start new businesses focused on those challenges that are hindering Colombia’s growth.

In Colombia, civil war has had tremendous negative repercussions in the society. Bearing this in mind and knowing the impact technology and education can have in the lives of people or social systems, we are inviting citizens from all corners of the world to participate in the first social hackathon taking place in South America.

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Hack for Big Choices wants to accelerate the process of transforming a Colombian efficiency-driven economy into a more innovation-driven economy to maximize the potential of every single citizen. Therefore we have partnered up with World Tech Makers, which is pioneering  an education model that narrows the existing gap between technology savvy workers and organizations seeking those who are prepared.

“As Latin Americans having lived in the United States for many years, creating possibilities of change is extremely attractive. We are convinced that by bringing local talents together and providing them a set of guidelines, resources and tools, we can contribute to solving the most urgent problems through technology. We expect that impact  to generate hundreds of ripple effects.”  said Ilana Milkes, CEO and co-founder of World Tech Makers.

The hackathon will follow the Hack for Big Choices format: the purpose is to have global impact through local solutions. Hackers will focus on finding innovative solutions for the challenges that Colombia is facing related to healthcare, education and design & technology.

Stay Awesome and Wise!

See you in Bogotá

Thanks to our awesome partners for helping us to make this happen!

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