Hack for big Choices in West Africa: Transforming potential into impact

Hack for big Choices in West Africa: Transforming potential into impact

Hack for big Choices in West Africa: Transforming potential into impact

Hey there Changemakers! 

We are super excited to not only announce that we will be running a 7 week program in Ghana, but at the end of it, we will host the biggest hackathon EVER in West Africa!

We need YOU – the most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs in West Africa to create truly innovative businesses through a program that will take place in January and February 2015 in Accra, Ghana. We’re trying to jumpstart the local economy by helping you create sustainable businesses that match your amazing entrepreneurial intentions with BIG opportunities. The program will take place at Hub Accra with the grand final hackathon from February 20-22nd.

We know that talented and tech savvy Africans are emerging in West Africa – unleashing new creative communities with crisp perspectives. You have the potential to change and improve West Africa with your ideas, and innovate at a time when Africa’s growth is accelerating in the face of serious challenges that have yet to be solved.

We see great potential attracting capital to help you build innovative disruptive solutions that can improve lives in West Africa – and we know that YOU have the spirit and talent to do it!  Africa is unique like that – it has the highest rate of early stage entrepreneurial activity in the world, while needing disruptive solutions to fix real crises and build infrastructure for the rising Billion.

Our program seeks to contribute to the ongoing process of transforming West Africa by driving the economy to become more innovation-driven. We can do this! And with a little help from local partners we can bring you long-term committed support for your projects through Hub Accra and Mest.

“We believe this is deeply necessary because Africa’s population will grow more rapidly, further constraining efforts to address poverty, create jobs, and protect the environment. We envision a landscape where African citizens source and adopt the best technologies to address local needs, become emerging entrepreneurs and create impactful innovation.”

Did you know that  Greater Sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing population of any region. According to the UN, the population of the region is set to more than double from the current 900 million to 2.1 Billion by 2050. Given its youthful population, future population growth in Africa will depend upon the culture and infrastructure that we can build today with technology and tools that enable innovation. It’s fundamental not only to create a strong entrepreneurial culture but also create sustainable solutions, and West Africa is the perfect place to start. But creating innovative solutions to problems is also a lot of fun.

“Now is the time to collaborate with African change makers to create solutions to local and pan-African challenges through teamwork and technology. We want to encourage entrepreneurs to spark truly impactful innovations that can better serve their communities in a sustainable way.” – John Paul Parmigiani

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