Investing In Women Entrepreneurs – Is It Even A Debatable Choice In 2015?

Investing In Women Entrepreneurs – Is It Even A Debatable Choice In 2015?


The Power Of Women

Happy Tuesday! On this final day of Women’s History Month we wish to acknowledge the power of women entrepreneurs.

In September 2014, Forbes published an article that brought to light meaningful data showing what it means to invest in women. The report was issued by Babson College and based on data from Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Women Initiative. The main conclusion the report finds is that:

Women entrepreneurs who grow their businesses in less developed economies are exceptional role models for other aspiring women, and their success should be highlighted and showcased around the world.

For those of us who have worked towards gender equality and empowerment of women, the conclusions of the report are foregone, but no less important to share with the world. At Hack For Big Choices, we always try to bring topic of women in entrepreneurship to the forefront of our program and hackathons. Recently, we had a wonderful discussion with some talented entrepreneurs at our Columbia hackathon.

“Take time to learn about the lives of women around the world—and try to play a small part in their fight to create the future they deserve.” – Melinda Gates

At our recent hackathon in West Africa, the ratio of men to women participants was an encouraging 3 to 1. Most hackathons held in the United States feature a ratio of 5 to 1. We hope to one day close this gap to 1 to 1. It is deeply encouraging to see new generations of talented people become more aware of the power of women in family, business, and government. We look forward to working alongside them in the continued fight for gender equality. We will continue to bring the dialogue of empowering women in all aspects of life to the forefront and we hope that you will join us in spreading the discussion. Stay updated with us here.

Women, let’s rock!


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