Aurora Chisté

CEO Hack for Big Choices with few other hats 😉

Irina Issakova

Producer and Co-founder Marketing @ Castlight Health

Issues Area Producers

Rahman Johnson

Health Care Track Producer Founder @ OpenMedical Data Solutions

Eva Diaz-Santana

Education Track Producer Co-founder, iOS Developer @ iNVASIVECODE

Geppy Parziale

Design & Tech Track Producer Co-founder, CEO, iOS Developer @ iNVASIVECODE

Stefan Broda

Heath Care Track Producer and peer in Asia Founder @ BeforeWeDo

Maria Grineva

Design & Tech Track Producer Senior Scientist @ Yandex

Founding Team

Ehb Teng

Ninja Writer

Matt Murrie

Mr. What If, Founder of What If... Conference

Mandeep Waraich

Producer Founder @ Technology Startup

Yangbo Du

New York Director @ Hack for Big Choices / Entrepreneur

Luiz Galvez

Branding Strategist Organizers of the SF Internet of Things Meetup and TEDx SF

Elina Elek, CPA

Entrepreneur Founder & CEO of SunnyKarma.

Brett Garling

Videographer Freelance Writer, Videographer, Photographer and Social Media Ace

Anita Chung

Business Development Independent Consultant @ Salesforce

Alex Grande

Web Developer Founder @

Gustavo Fiorenza

Creative Director Director, Executive Producer @ Blue Nation Productions

Evgeniya Rybalchenko

Manager in Moscow MBA Student @ Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Kat Zorina

Graphic Designer Designer @ IDEO

Consuelo Griego

User Experience Optimizer Founder @ Global Impact

Anjan Kumar

Filmmaker Photographer and software engineer

Alessandro Zanardi

Website Designer Founder, CEO @ Good Karma

Brandi March

Health Care Track Producer Founder, CEO @ NovitaCare

Bruna Batista

Community/Content Manager Trilingual International Business Student