Confronting Depression

1.Confronting Depression

1.Confronting Depression

Depression has been recognized as a major health challenge of the 21st century contributing significantly to global disease burden and disability worldwide. Full accounting for depression’s disease burden is often understated, as it’s role as a causative or exacerbating factor in other chronic conditions represent an even greater impact on global health that is difficult to quantify. Despite this revelation, depression commonly goes undiagnosed leaving societies unknowingly burdened with the associated population costs which can be direct, such as increase healthcare utilization, or indirect, as in reduced occupational functioning and performance. Suicide is an unfortunately common cause of mortality in both developed and developing nations, particularly among young and otherwise healthy individuals. Depression thus represents a substantial target for any nation looking to reduce overall mortality and improve the quality of life of its constituents. Addressing depression and other mental health disorders will include raising awareness, removing stigma, improving access to diagnostic tools, and support tools for those already suffering. With increasing access to information, mobile devices, and the emerging power of social media, the world is more amenable to technology driven solutions than ever before and represents the core focus of our Confronting Depression Challenge.



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