Health Data in Action

2.Health Data in Action

2.Health Data in Action

Looking to the future, innovation in healthcare will come from a number of different directions spanning medical devices to genetic characterization; improved health information exchange to stem cell advancements. The one theme consistent in all of these, is the presence of new data, which will be of increasing volume, variety, and velocity unlike any we have ever encountered. The ability to extract insight and opportunity from this data will be key to providing the highest quality care for patients the world over and that is why we’ve dedicated one track to developing a data­driven solution to any current health problem. When Steve Jobs was at Apple, innovation didn’t necessarily come from invention. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, the iPad, not the first tablet. What Apple did exceptionally well was open up the highly technical abilities of these devices and made them simple to understand and easily accessible to the broader public. What insightful design and an innovative marketplace has done for millions of consumers, so can well executed data evaluation do for the medical community. What we’re asking is for our hackers to make sense of the technical, make it compelling, make it beautiful, make an impact. That is our Health Data in Action Challenge.



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