Press- First Social Hackathon in South America

10 Dec Press- First Social Hackathon in South America

The First Social Hackathon in South America: Bogotá, September
For immediate release.
Media Contact: Aurora Chiste
San Francisco, CA- Hack for Big Choices is announcing today the first Social Hackathon in
South America. Joint forces with World Tech Makers, on September 5, in Bogotá, we will
give the opportunities to those people who believe that through the use of their talents
they can improve the state of the country by building innovative projects that solve
problems such us as: transportation, metabolism syndrome, sexually transmitted diseases,
consumer traffic management, food safety, education in remote areas, among others. You
can find the entire list here.
According to the GEM, 68% of the Colombian population perceives startup opportunities
and 58% perceives capabilities to start a business but there is a lack of sustainability.
“With the first social hackathon in South America we want to leverage the potential and talent of
already existing entrepreneurs and young professionals by guiding them to use their
experience and skills to start new businesses focused on those challenges that are hindering
Colombia’s growth.” says Aurora Chiste, CEO and co-founder of Hack for Big Choices.
Hack for Big Choices wants to accelerate the process of transforming a Colombian
efficiency-driven economy into a more innovation-driven economy to maximize the
potential of every single citizen. Therefore we have partnered up with World Tech Makers,
which is pioneering an education model that narrows the existing gap between technology
savvy workers and organizations seeking those who are prepared.
In Colombia, the country where World Tech Makers is launching its program, civil war has had
tremendous negative repercussions in the society. Bearing this in mind and knowing the
impact technology and education can have in the lives of people or social systems, we are
inviting citizens from all corners of the world to participate in the first social hackathon
taking place in South America.
“As Latin Americans having lived in the United States for many years, creating possibilities of
change is extremely attractive. We are convinced that by bringing local talents together and
providing them a set of guidelines, resources and tools, we can contribute to solving the
most urgent problems through technology. We expect that impact to generate hundreds of
ripple effects.” said Ilana Milkes, CEO and co-founder of World Tech Makers.
The hackathon will follow the Hack for Big Choices format: the purpose is to have global
impact through local solutions. Hackers will focus on finding innovative solutions for thechallenges that Colombia is facing related to healthcare, education and design &
Local Partners include: Eforces, Ministry of Technology IT, ICT, Information and
Communications Technologies
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Hack for Big Choices website:
Hack for Big Choices on Twitter: @hackbigchoices
World Tech Makers website:
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Tickets for the hackathon available here
About Hack for Big Choices
Hack for Big Choices is a worldwide movement empowering people to solve local problems
related to healthcare, design & technology, and education.
We believe that change occurs when individuals come together and make the Big choice to
use their talent, passion, and experience to solve real problems affecting them, and their
communities. Transformation is an incremental process, so we encourage the participation
of every individual, at every skill level, to push the world in the right direction. The sum of
such parts, will always lead to a greater whole.
Through a series of events and hackathons around the world we provide the opportunity for
the next generation of dreamers to come together, hope, and execute to have an impact
on their neighborhoods, their cities, their countries, and their planet.
Hack for Big Choices is a non-profit 501c3 organization based in San Francisco, acting
globally and driven by volunteers.
Past speakers included: Zachary Bogue, Vivek Wadhua, Jeremy Howard, and David Agus.Sponsors include: AOL, OOyala, Honda, YouNoodle, Markerly, CommitChange ,
Challengepost, Tec de Monterrey.
About World Tech Makers:
World Tech Makers is disrupting technology education in South America with an innovative
hybrid model of on-site coding bootcamps combined with virtual learning to create
technology entrepreneurs and launch the careers of software developers in the region. The
first iteration of bootcamps has already started.
The World Tech Makers team is international. The co-founders themselves were born in
either Colombia or the United States, and the global network of makers is spread
throughout the American continent, Europe, Africa and Asia.
About Colombia:
Many civilians have been killed, kidnapped or disappeared because of this 50-year conflict. It is difficult
to have an accurate estimate of the number of victims but according to the latest studies, the number
exceeds 6 million (Source: Unidad para la Atencion y Reparación Integral de las Víctimas, 2014).[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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