Zachary Bogue

Managing Partner at Data Collective, Co-Founder Foundersden

Vivek Wadhwa

Vice President of Innovation and Research at Singularity University

David Agus

World leading cancer doctors USC

Jeremy Howard

Data Scientist Founder/Partner

Bill Reichert


Robert Puffer

Officer at Ministry of Education of Singapore

Francis Pedraza

CEO of Everest

John Roberts

Co-Founder Open University West Africa

Binta Brown

Senior Fellow

Rose Broome

Co-founder and Ceo of HandUp

Jack Andraka

Inventor, scientist, and cancer researcher

Sam McAfee

Principal at Neo Innovation

Kory Russel

Founder, Seed Lab Stanford

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Founder Startup Compass

David Orban


Dave Mosby

Executive Director at Keiretsu Forum Academy

Dwalu Khasu


Penina Rybak

Founder/CEO of Socially Speaking LLC

Ralph King

Producer of 'Extreme by Design'

Martin Schnitzer

Senior Designer at IDEO

Robert Clegg

CEO at Knoverse