Table Talk With Nicolás Barreto

Table Talk With Nicolás Barreto

Welcome to Hack For Big Choices first ever Table Talk  where we candidly chat with entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and interesting people about the different entrepreneurial and startup communities around the world.

Today we have a chat with Nicolás Barreto, two time winner of our Mexico hackathon.

Five Questions For Nicolás Barreto – Two Time Winner of Hack For Big Choices Mexico 2014 and 2015


Read on for the remainder of the interview.


What Drives You As An Entrepreneur?

What drives me as an entrepreneur is the certainty that change is in our hands and that we can make a difference if we just focus on a goal and connect the dots. We can find a way to interact with other people, businesses and organizations that would like to join our movement. I like to imagine new business models and ways to interact as a society. Just imagining the possibilities is what keeps me moving.

What pushed you to tackle the specific issues at the hackathons that you both won?

That was a great start to our Table Talk series. We look forward to chatting with more entrepreneurs, mentor, partners, and interesting people in this ongoing series as we explore and learn from all the different people of the international startup world . Stay tuned!

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