The Future of Education in a Connected World

03 Nov The Future of Education in a Connected World

In sub-Saharan Africa: 1.8 million lives could be saved each year just if all women had a secondary education.

An individual who does not graduate from high school earns on average $23,452, less than the U.S. average wage of $41,444 per year. Further, 68% of the prison population is made up of non-high school graduates.

Entrepreneurs, key drivers of innovation locally and globally, in general tend to be highly-educated, but is attaining a high level of education the only way to be capable of starting new businesses?

The nexus of education and entrepreneurship carries great potential to drive global economic development and social progress. How can we realize such potential?

This panel, “The Future of Education in a Globally Connected World” gathered thought leaders from a broad range of disciplines to discuss how to shape the future of education and entrepreneurship.

Moderated by Heather Cochran, founder of SliceBiz and The Next Wave Africa.

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