Venture Capital For Africa

Venture Capital For Africa

We encourage all of our West Africa participants to join the VC4A community.
“By creating a profile, you open access to development resources and funding for your team projects. This is also a great way to gain visibility for the innovations you are working on!”


More about VC4A (from their website):

VC4Africa is the platform for African venture finance. Entrepreneurs have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and the ability to raise capital. Connect with an international pool of sector experts who offer mentorship free of charge. Track your fundraising progress and connect with over 600 investors focused on sub-$1 million companies – Angels, VCs, Social Impact Funds, Family Offices, and Foundations. No charges or hidden fees.

What does VC4A give you?


Dynamic Profile

Create a visually appealing profile that captures attention. Add your pitch, summarize your business and list team members. Upload a video pitch and post documents. Grow a dedicated following, engage members on your activity stream, and see how many people visit your profile.

Free recruitment

Best way to source quality team members for your team is to recruit on Africa’s largest startup community VC4Africa. List open positions on your venture profile and your company will be listed in the jobs board. Interested applicants contact you directly, there is no middle man or placement fees involved. We offer you a direct connection between you and the talent needed to grow your business.

Mentorship Marketplace

Building a network of advisors and getting access to the right knowledge is critical to your business. Connect with an international network of business experts who offer their expertise, network and time free of charge. Get help in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, finance, human resources or legal matters.

Investor network

Gain access to the largest network of Africa focused investors. Get visibility with over 600 early stage investors focused on sub-$1 million companies – Angels, VCs, Social Impact Funds, Family Offices, and Foundations. Most importantly, 84% of these investors are active and have already invested in African companies.

Exposure & Opportunities

VC4Africa is always looking for the next big success story. Get featured for our homepage or next newsletter? Engage with us on social media and leverage the global community to create awareness for your business. Gain access to our partner network and apply to one of the many upcoming programs, mentorship and funding opportunities.

Proven track record

Thousands of vetted profiles have been published and new fundraising rounds are opened weekly. Entrepreneurs have raised more than USD $26 million in funding. Investments have been secured by members in countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Zambia.


– Team Hack For Big Choices

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