What If… Hack for Big Choices and What If…360 co-author the future?

What If… Hack for Big Choices and What If…360 co-author the future?

Why What If…?360 and Hack for Big Choices


What if we co-author the future?


This is a question What If…?360 urges others to turn into an action all the time.

I love meeting other people who aren’t just interested in addressing problems, but solving big problems. The more wicked, the better. Impossible? No problem.

As an entrepreneur, I love meeting people who are interested working big to small: they’re mission is to solve problems and, rather than self-identifying problems to solve, they listen to people for the problems that are the most pressing to them.

What if, instead of creating products to sell to consumers to solve their problems, there were social entrepreneurs who worked directly with people to unleash their inner problem-solvers? What if, in doing so, communities can solve problems specific to them and they can share the ideas and actions that emerge during the solving process with a global community?


This may sound like a pipe-dream, but it’s the fundamental idea What If…?360 is built upon–and has fought the last four years to make happen. But one can rarely change the world on one’s on. It takes help. It needs collaboration. It sustains on the shoulders of an active community, passionate about its purpose and committed to making a difference.

It also takes opportunities to arise–and opportunities to be seized. Partnering with Hack for Big Choices is an opportunity I’m thrilled to seize.

What if, What If…?360 just connected with an entire organization to increase its co-authoring capabilities?

Hack for Big Choices is already making a difference in the world. They’re leveraging the strength of everyday people to connect and solve for the everyday problems specific to their communities. In the process, people and communities are affected directly in ways that are more efficient and productive than most approaches to solving social issues. As a result, the entire world learns from the problems they solve and the solutions they design.

This is the exact mission of What If…?360: to turn ideas into actions. The opportunity to partner with an organization like Hack for Big Choices is one of the greatest opportunities to arise for What If…? during its four years of existence.

What If…? will work with Hack for Big Choices to bring the What If…? process of using questions to drive action. More specifically, before the community hackathons, What If…? will conduct workshops that help facilitate conversations, raise levels of empathy, encourage systemes-level understandings, and inspire design thinking.

What If…?360 works with others to co-create the future. Together, with Hack for Big Choices, we’re facilitating a What If…?360 Experience event February 13-14, in Accra, Ghana. This event will help community members participating in the hackathon to activate their curiosity, challenge pre-conceived perceptions, learn new brainstorming approaches, develop a deeper understanding of the need for which they’re solving, and identify existing connections to leverage into new opportunities.

Together, the Hack for Big Choices Hackathon is an event that:

* Encourages individuals to become more active, responsible citizens in their local communities

* Brings community members together to work collaboratively on community issues

* Promotes innovation and creative problem-solving

* Showcases the talents, ideas, and work of local community members

But the real value of the event begins as soon as it’s over. Hack for Big Choices is about helping others learn how to fish. This event fundamentally transforms the way people think and approach the act of problem solving. The impact doesn’t end at the finish of the Hackathon; participants return to their communities with new tools to start building solutions of their own design.

In doing so, we’ll work to help hackathon participants create a deeper understanding of the issues they’re solving, stimulate new perspectives and approaches to solving problems, and learn how to identify existing connections to leverage new opportunities.

What If…? is looking forward to tremendous growth and learning as we work together with Hack for Big Choices to make a difference in the world by using conversations and collaborations to hack the most wicked problems facing people today. In doing so, we’re looking forward to designing a better future.

Matt Murries,

founder What If… Conference

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